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Market Assessment - The various tools (PEM) together with the knowledge, experience and training of our consultants in the zone allow us to evaluate your property according to the market in order to provide a quick and valuable sale.
Commercial presentation of the property / Homestaging- Presentation is an extremely important factor to present and value your property in the interior and exterior.
You can enjoy HomeStaging, the American concept of creating a home-model atmosphere, to make your property more attractive to as many potential buyers as possible and thus speed up the sale process.
BUYME also provides a detailed description of your property.
Carrying out a professional photographic report- Photography is the business card of your property. With better photographs, your properties will be much more visited on existing platforms.
Marketing Plan - Having many good marketing means is indispensable to sell the property quickly. The Marketing Plan will allow you to know and keep informed about all the marketing tools used to promote the property.
Disclosure in national and international portals - Today the internet is the fastest and most convenient way to receive information. Advertising on partner sites will allow you to reach a larger number of people and thus sell the property more quickly and without discomfort. The quality and quantity of our Marketing tools (windows, newspapers, brochures, magazines, ...) allow us to reach more people and sell the property faster.
Selection of the most interested buyers and follow-up visits - In order not to bother or waste time, BUYME Property sorts customers who are really interested in buying a property and who can afford it.
Accompanies those interested in the visits.
Real estate partnerships (international and national) - In order to reach a greater number of interested parties and consequently sell your property as fast as possible BUYME Property collaborates with national and international real estate partners.
Open House Events - We open the property to our partners, real estate and potential buyers at one time, thus avoiding multiple individual visits.
Communication Plan for exclusive properties - By promoting the property in exclusivity with our company will have a communication plan where you will know everything about the visits made to your property, the proposals that are made, ..., will allow to closely monitor all The sales process.
Partnership in customer support buyer - Our experience allows us to work with partners specialized in various areas of buyer customer support:
• Housing authorization partners can support you through the entire document acquisition process (Visa Gold, Tax Benefits).
• The influence we have with banking allows us to help those interested to quickly and conveniently obtain financing for the purchase of your property
• The best professionals in various areas of construction can support the renovation of the property.